Mets Weekly 4.26-4.30

I’m writing this weekly update a bit quick because it’s the beginning of a new month and yesterday was an offday, so it just feels like a good time to do it. This was only a four game sample including the rubber game against the Cardinals and the 3 game series against the Padres.

Look the Mets have to find ways to win all Degrom and Syndergaard games. Our pitching after those two guys has been incredibly inconsistent and honestly just really bad. That’s why losing that last game against the Cardinals when Noah gives you a gem, really fucking hurts. Noah ended up going 7.1 IP while only giving up 1 earned run. When our pitchers have that type of line, we have to find a way to get more than 2 runs. If it weren’t for an error on Rosario in the eighth, Noah would have gotten out of that inning and we would have never gone into extra innings. But even worse when we take the lead in extra innings, on a bases loaded RBI walk by Lobaton, Familia lets them tie it the next half inning. I’ve said it multiple times, I’m worried about this bullpen being overused, specifically Familia. He started out great and I don’t even put total blame on him for his first two blown saves this season, where he came into the game in the eighth inning with runners on base, but this last one vs St. Louis is all on him. I hope he shakes out of this funk he’s in because when he’s right, he’s one of the best closers in the game.

That series against the Padres was a weird one. We won the first game because Jacob DeGrom is really fucking good. He went 7.1 innings of no run baseball. The next game was Vargas’ season debut. It was bad. I know that’s not what Vargas is as a player so I’m going to assume it was just a bad day, but 9 runs in 3.2 innings is not what we signed you for. Again I’m not gonna flip out about it, shit happens, but he needs to give a strong outing his next game. The final game of the series was another rubber match, and this time we wouldn’t have Noah or Jacob on the mound. But Wheeler stepped up and pitched very well. He went 5 innings with only 2 earned runs and 9 strikeouts. I’ll take that from our number 5 guy anyday. If Wheeler can give us 5-6 innings and 2-3 earned runs on a consistent basis, I think every Met fan will take it. It also helped that the bats woke up and scored 14 runs on Sunday.

Even with his best outing of the season on Thursday, Noah hasn’t been super dominante Thor, and yet he still has a 2.86 ERA. If he can pitch the way he did against the Cardinals, the Mets will be in good shape at the top of the rotation. Degrom has been absolutely incredible and is really showing that he is the best pitcher on this staff. That’s right the guy who just a couple years ago was considered maybe the third best is showing that he is the most consistent and best pure pitcher on the staff. He isn’t throwing 99-100 like Noah, but the command of his pitches is phenomenal.

Stud of the Week

Damn I been waiting a long time for this one. Yo and Conforto are probably my two favorite hitters on this team and now it seems like Yoenis Cespedes has finally broken out of his funk. Since that huge 3 Run game tying homer against the Cardinals, he has really been raking. But in typical Yoenis fashion, the minute he starts to break out he hurt himself. It looked like he either jammed or bent his thumb back sliding head first while stealing third. He came out the game and gave himself a 3 day timeline, so hopefully he only misses a game or two. This is his statline from this past:

Probably most important only 6 Strikeouts

Scrub of the Week

I like this guy a lot. He’s still VERY young, only 22 years old, and is obviously still developing. But he needs to start showing some more offensively. Amed Rosario has had a very up and down season. At the plate he is obviously a free swinger but he does need to improve on his plate discipline. He has already gotten better since last year, but as an overall hitter he hasn’t looked great. I would like to see him drive the ball more and use his speed to leg out some doubles and triples. He’s part of the future of the team and I think he will be but we just need to give him some time. Defensively he moves extremely well especially to his left, but for some reason a lot of his throws seem short. He does not have a great arm and can also be inaccurate at times. That error in the eighth against the Cards was bad but I think he will improve defensively as well. Here is his statline from last week:

.214/.214/.214 (Not a Typo. He isnt hitting for any power)

Next Week’s Outlook:

This is gonna be another important week for the Mets. After starting our road trip in Atlanta we now come back home to face them at Citi Field. We went 4-5 on the road trip and are 6-8 in our last 14 games. This is why getting off to a hot start in important because it allows us to have these stretches of .500 ball without giving too much up. It also helps that the division has been beating itself up and has also been around .500 for the past couple weeks. Except Miami of course.

We have a 3 Game series against the Braves and then another 3 game series against the Rockies before hitting the road again. We won our first series this past weekend since our series against Milwaukee April 13-15th. We need to go on a bit of a run and assert ourselves in the division and around the league. I don’t care about winning streaks, just as long as we keep winning series’. Noah hits the mound today followed by Degrom, so that gives us our best chance of taking two of three against Atlanta. What do you think the Mets should do with the back end of the rotation, and as always, Lets Go Mets.

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