Mets Weekly 4.17-4.25

Gary said it best, that was one of those games that you just forget about and erase from your memory. The first game of this series was a great win and I really hoped that it would put us back on the right track. But after last night I don’t know if that’s happening. This was our first bad week of the season and it’s time to clean a few things up. There isn’t one group that the blame can be put on, because the whole team has been playing poorly.

Only 3 guys that have put up good numbers this week. Noah Syndergaard, Jacob Degrom, and Asdrubal Cabrera. Cabrera has been absolutely amazing offensively the whole season. He’s been consistent, he’s hit for power, he’s had timely hits, and he has not been striking out much. Just incredible.

Jacob must feel like Harvey did back in 2012 and 2013 where it felt like every amazing start was just being wasted away. This time it’s not the bats letting the game get away from them, but instead the bullpen has blown these games. I’m really getting worried about the overuse of the bullpen. They’re being called in to throw a lot of innings early this season. Familia has already appeared in 13 games this year, and has blown two games. I should add that both games he was asked to come into the 8th and save the bullpen that had already loaded or left runner on the bases. It still falls on him but it’s hard to put total blame on him. Even Noah who has pitched well, not Dominate Thor, but well, has not pitched into the 7th inning yet this season. In 5 starts Matz has only gone 21.2 innings. That’s really bad from the number 3 guy in your rotation. Its putting a lot of pressure on the bullpen because it forces Mickey to bring in guys like Lugo and Gsellman to eat up innings.

Speaking of the bullpen, it seems to have a new member. Matt Harvey has officially been put (demoted?) into the bullpen. His first time out the bullpen came in the first game against the Cardinals where he gave up a run in 2 innings. It’s really weird because I don’t know exactly how to describe his outing. He looked good at times, but gave up two straight hard hit doubles. It’s really the way his season has gone. No walks, a few strikeouts, but giving up hard hit balls.

Stud of the Week

Like I said before, this guy has been our offensive MVP this season, and this week is a perfect example why. Asdrubal Cabrera Statline:

PA:29 H:8 R:2 RBI:5 BB:3 .333/.379/.458

Scrub of the Week

So this week I’m giving it to a position rather than a single player. Catchers have been horrible since Travis d’Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki went down. Jose Lobaton and Tomas Nido have not been able to produce any sort of offense and have become a real hole at the bottom of the lineup. In 29 Plate Appearances the only have 3 hits to go along with 8 strikeouts. It’s just not gonna cut it. The front office has to look into getting some help even with Plawecki coming back in a week or so.

Statline: PA:29 H:3 R:2 RBI:1 BB:4 SO:8

Mets went 3-4 this week and are 4-6 in their last 10 games. They’ve lost 2 straight series against the Nationals and the Braves, and have the rubber game today against St. Louis. They need to turn things around because Atlanta and Philly are breathing down their neck. Both teams are a bit of a surprise so far this season, but the young talent on both squads is incredible. Plus even though the Nats are struggling right now, mostly due to injury, they’ll make their way back soon. Thats four teams competing for the division this year. One or two may fall off a bit but don’t expect anyone except the Marlins to be a bad team.

After today’s last game against St. Louis we go San Diego for a three game series against the Padres. Then we come home to face Atlanta again for a big series. Mets gotta find a way to win the rubber match today and then take the series from the Padres so that they position themselves well before Atlanta. Can’t wait for them to get back home. Lets Go Mets.

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