Mets Need to Move an Outfielder For Catcher

The Mets need a catcher on this team more than anything. Plawecki isn’t that good, Nido isn’t ready to hit at this level, and Lobaton has never been able to hit at this level. It’s the biggest hole we have on our roster besides a second lefty out the pen. Mets need to make a move and hopefully sooner than later.

Our outfield has been incredibly frustrating. It’s where we have possibly our 3 best hitter, but at the moment they’re playing like shit, even with Cepespes’ clutch hitting. Conforto is part of the future of this team. Hopefully he hits well for the next 10 years and makes multiple all star games. I think he’s just getting under some balls and his timing is a bit off. Cespedes can be a streaky hitter but his numbers have always been there. The guy has been our main source of offense the past two and a half years and there’s a reason he’s making $25 million a year. But Bruce should not have the same leeway as those two guys. I know what type of hitter he can be when he’s hot, and he is a good guy to have in the locker room, but I knew that 3 year 39 million dollar deal was not the right move the moment we made it because I knew it was take At-Bats away from guys like Lagares and especially Nimmo. This has only pissed me off more now since both those guys have been nothing but spark plugs whenever they come into the game. We all know about Lagares’ gold glove defence, but right now the dude is slashing .379/424/.414. I don’t know if it’s his new swing that he worked on this Spring or what, but the guy is hitting better than he ever has before.

If wanted to mold my kid into a ball player, he would have to include Brandon Nimmo’s love for the game. His smile is contagious and you can tell he LOVES baseball. Even when he gets plunked he runs up the line with a smile on his face. It also helps that he’s slashing .333/.533/.714. The dude can flat out ball, and he absolutely deserves more playing time. The fact that Mickey has repeatedly chosen the struggling Bruce over him, keeps me up at night.

My point is, if we aren’t rightfully using those guys to then one of them has to go. I would prefer to move Larages because I think Nimmo has great upside. Something like a Brett Gardner. Moving Lagares would also give us some more freedom with payroll, since he’s making 9 million dollars this year and next. If we can package a deal that would include something like Lagares, Dominic Smith and perhaps one more prospect I think the Mets can go out and get a guy like JT Realmutto. JT has always shown to be a good hitter. His defence wasn’t great but has improved through the years as well. Perhaps the best past about JT is that he’s under the team’s control through 2021. I’ve read a few people mentioning moving Conforto or Rosario for JT but in my opinion that’s just too much. Also moving a guy like Rosario would just add another hole at an important position. If JT is out of the question because of the Marlins asking price, the Mets need to look at other candidates like Jonathan Lucroy or Wilson Ramos have come up and they may have to due for this one year. I’m not sure what his asking price is, and I don’t want the Mets to overpay by too much either, but it’s clear this can be a special year, and we shouldn’t waste it.

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