Mets Weekly 4.9-4.16

I started  writing this before last night’s eighth inning. I was in a much better mood then. Before last night the Mets were still rollin, this time over the Marlins and the Brewers. Mets went 5-2 this week, sweeping the Marlins in a quiet storm type of series that Mets fans are used to against Miami, and an exciting series against the Brewers. Then they blew a 5 run lead on Monday against the Gnats.

Marlins always play us tough. It doesn’t matter what the records are, or whos on the field, Mets and Marlins will always be close series. In the first game, Don Mattingly pulled his  pitcher during a no hitter. The pitcher, who for most of his career had been a long reliever, had 77 pitches through 6 innings in his first career start. He left the game with a two run lead, and the Mets scored 4 against the bullpen in the 8th to take the lead and the win 4-2. Honestly Marlins fans dont have much to root for this season, I would have let the guy pitch, but as a Met fan, I’ll take the W. Mets took the series on their way to 8 wins in a row, coming back home to face Milwaukee.

Mets took the first game to extend the win streak to nine games, but lost on Saturday after Harvey gave up 4 runs. I’m telling you right now, I dont give a shit about a winning streak, this isn’t a high school team looking to break school records. This is an MLB team where all you need to care about is winning the series. If we win 2 of 3 games the rest of the season I’d be happy as a pig in shit. It’s what the Mets have done early on this season and it’s what they continued to do Sunday afternoon when Wilmer Flores hit his 3rd career walk off dinger. And honestly, is there anyone on a New York roster in sports that fans love to cheer for more than Wilmer. Everything the guy does is amazing. Its gonna be 3 years now since the infamous crying on the field fiasco happened, and since then New Yorkers, have not stopped cheering for the guy. I mean the dude’s walk up song is the Friends Theme song. White people eat that shit right up. I genuinely hope his entire career is with the Mets, where as a platoon guy he just keeps climbing the ranks on Mets hitting records. I don’t know if he’ll be here that long but I know Met fans sure hope he is.

Stud of the Week

Look when your team is this hot there’s probably gonna be a lot of guys playing well. This week there were a lot of dude who balled out like Noah and Familia. But honestly i gotta give my man Todd Frazier some love here. We signed this guy this winter, and he’s been everything we wanted and more. He had an amazing week and it feels like his attitude and enthusiasm is infectious around the team. I’ve already talk about his great and pretty peculiar relationship with Cespedes, but it seems like he’s just like that everyone. I hope he keeps raking the way he has, especially against the Gnats like he did last night. Oh yeah and he’s the man behind the salt and pepper celebration.

Statline: 19AB 9H 3R 2HR 6RBI 5BB .474/.560/895

Scrub of the Week

This could’ve gone to either Bruce or Cespedes but ultimately I had to go with Cespedes since Bruce is at least getting on base by drawing walks and struck out a third of what Cespedes did this week. I don’t know if its the cold weather, if he still feels like shit from the flu, or if hes just in his own head right now. But this is one of the coldest we’ve seen cespedes since he’s been a Mets. It seems like the only hits he’s gotten this year are RBIs because he has just been awful to start the year. He already has 26 strikeouts in just 14 games. Mickey gave him his first day off last night so hopefully he comes back with his head on straight. As bad as he’s been it’s good to know that the Mets actually have enough weapons on this team where they can pick him up. Just imagine what the teams offensive numbers will look like when he gets back on track. Watch out

Statline: 25AB 4H 4RBI 1BB 12SO .160/.192/.200

Look last night should not derail the team from what they’ve accomplished thus far. The Bullpen blew the game but it was the first time this year they didn’t come in and get the job done. It happened, get over it, and on to the next one. All they need to worry about now is winning the last two so that they still take the series.

Oh and can Met fans stop acting like retarded fucking Philly fans. We’re New Yorkers. You gotta be smarter than to start taunting a player who just hit one of the most insane HRs in baseball history. Because what happens is he’s gonna come back in the 8th and fuck your game up. That something you see from fans who don’t know the fucking game, not from us. Shut the Fuck Up and wait till the game is over. That is all. Fuck the GNats and Lets Go Mets.

How do you guys feel about Mets fans heckling Harper during the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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