Knicks Weekly-Season Finale

Well we knew we’d get here eventually. No playoffs, 4th straight season with 50+ loses, injured key players. There wasn’t really much to get excited about this year, especially after Kristaps Porzingis went down. This week the Knicks went 2-2 with wins against the Heat and Cavs and loses against the Bucks and the Cavs as well.

I personally feel bad for Jeff Hornacek, who was fired Wednesday Evening after posting a 60-104 in his two years as head coach. He was hired under Phil Jackson who wanted him to run the triangle which ended up being a complete disaster. After Phil was fired, it was only a matter of time until Jeff was gone. I think the Knicks want to distance themselves from as far away from Phil as possible and this may have been the final move to complete that. I feel bad for the guy because it’s always hard for a coach to come into a team when they’re going through a rebuild, but I never left like he really fit into the team dynamic. I don’t doubt he’s a great coach, but it was clearly time for him to go.

The last few games of the year were basically more of the same from these 2017-2018 Knicks. Kudos to all you fans out there who watched them, but for some of us baseball season started back in February.

Stud of the Week

I gave him scrub of the week last week because he just didn’t seem to do much even with his extended playing time. Well he shut me right the fuck up this week and really showed that he can score a few buckets and lead an offense. Frank looked great this week. Especially his last couple games, where he scored a career high 17 in the first Cavs game and then followed it up with 16 in the season finale. Whoever the Knicks next head coach is, I just hope they play this kid at least 30 minutes a game next year. Yea he’s gonna make mistakes, but let him learn and develop out there.

Statline: 12.5-PTS 5.5-AST 3.5-TRB 1.5-STL 1.5-TO 45-FG% 40-3PT%

Scrub of the week. 

I’m not gonna bother putting a scrub out there. Too many guys sat these last few games, and plus why beat a dead horse?

Team MVP

It was only 48 games, but was there any doubt who the MVP of the team was. KP got off to a record setting start of the year but cooled down when Tim Hardaway got hurt. He never really got back to averaging high 20 points per game, but he put up solid enough numbers be get himself his first All Star.

Statline: 22.7-PPG 6.6-RPG 1.2-APG 2.4-BPG 1.9-TOPG 43-FG% 39-3PT%

Most Surprising Player

When we brought this guy up from the G League I don’t think anyone expected much. I had heard the name around the NBA for a few years and thought it was an interesting when we signed him to our G League team. But when he got his opportunity in the big leagues, he took complete advantage of it. Trey Burke, the former 2013 lottery pick for the Utah Jazz, had what may possibly end up becoming a career saving second half of the year. When he started getting full time minutes he looked like he could really become the leader starting point guard for an NBA team.

Statline: 12.8-PPG 2.0-RPG 4.7-APG 1.2-TOPG 50-FG% 3.6-3PT%

Most Disappointing Player

A lot of people really criticized this contract when we signed him, and I kept trying to convince people that he was going to be worth the money sooner than later. Tim Hardaway Jr. got off to a good, not great, start with Porzingis, but when Tim got hurt the season really went downhill and he and KP never really got a chance to click again. I expected him to take over more towards the late part of the season, especially with KP out but it just never happened. He can be an explosive scorer but goes on streaks that just completely destroy him and the team. I would love to see him stop taking so many pull up 3s and instead use his athleticism to get to the rim more. If he can average 19-21 points a game, and be the consistent second scorer to KP, I would say that is well worth his 4 year 71 million dollar contract. This year was a bit underwhelming but it was for everyone else too. I just want to see some more efficiency from him moving forward.

Statline: 17.5-PPG 2.7-APG 3.9-RPG 1.1-SPG 1.6-TOPG 42-FG% 31-3PT%

What To Look Forward To This Offseason

It’s been a bad stretch for the Knicks and all we can hope for is some lottery luck. I don’t know much about college ball but I do know the Knicks need a wing who can score. We ended up with the 9th worst record in the NBA, which is crazy because it’s hard to believe there are 8 teams shittier than we were this year. All we can do now is watch what happens during Free Agency and the Draft and hope for the best. Hopefully KP fully heals, hopefully Knicks hire a revolutionary head coach, and hopefully we draft the starting Small Forward for the Knicks next 15 years. The next Knicks Weekly will be in October, so see ya then.

What was your favorite moment or player this season? Let us know in the comments below, and as always Lets Go Knicks.

2 thoughts on “Knicks Weekly-Season Finale

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  1. What are your thoughts on who should be the next Knicks coach? Lots of rumors out there….I believe they should hire a coach with a winning track record..but with the Knicks you never know….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d love JVG because he’s the last coach to really make us a competitive adequate team. I feel like whoever the Knicks has to have a strong will and has to have a vocal presence not in in the locker room, but also in the board. It can’t be a push over coach who’s just going to be a Dolan “yes man”. Mark Jackson and JVG fit that very well. Jerry Stackhouse is a name getting thrown out there too.


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