Mets Weekly

I told you guys last week that we shouldn’t get too happy after taking the first series of the year against the St. Louis Cardinals. Well I think now we can get hyped, because what a week for the Mets. After winning two against the Phillies and sweeping the pain in the ass, always choke in October, Nationals, I think Met fans can finally start believing in their team again.

The best part about winning these games, is how the Mets are actually getting the wins. They’re grinding their way into games and even when they go down by a run or two, it seems like they always come back with a run of their own in the following half inning. They’ve collected hits with runners on base, they have big home runs, they’ve been a really balanced offence so far. It’s been fun to watch and it really gives Met fans some excitment for this season.

This weekend really topped off the whole week. Sweeping the Nats on the road felt great and it has to really lite a fire under the guys in the locker room. I don’t care that its only April, a win now counts the same as one in September. And sweeping a division rival is even more important. Last night ESPN put up a graphic stating that the Mets have the worst inter-division record between two teams since 2012, against the Nationals. They’ve honestly kicked our ass for too long, even after 2015 when we came back and put it on them. Unfortunately the past couple years they have reassured their NL East dominance. Hopefully we can take it back from them this season, and this weekend was the perfect start for that.

Stud of the Week

It’s still early and a lot of guys are still working on some things, but this week Jay Bruce really stood out. He hit that huge grand slam against the Nats for this first HR of the season. He also had a couple great At Bats that lead to either walks or hits, especially that walk on Sunday that was part of the Gonzalez Grand Slam. His Statline for the Week:

22PA 7H 3(2B) 1HR 4RBI 1BB .333 BA .619SLG .983OPS

Scrub of the Week

It was definitely a tough week for Cespedes. Although we may have some explanation for it, he seemed like he was just out of it especially during the Nats series. Even with him experiencing some Flu symptoms, he came up huge and provided the game winning hit on Sunday in the 12th inning. Expect him to sit today against the Marlins so that he can get some rest and really prepare for the home series against the Nationals. Weekly Stat Line:

24PA 4R 3H 2HR 4RBI 1BB 1HBP .136BA .206OBP .409SLG .619OPS 

Aside from the Mets winning, the feel good part of the week was Conforto coming back. He’s smacked a HR opposite field his first game back and on Sunday had a double that he legged out from a bloop. It’s good to have Conforto back in the line up and only piles onto the Mets hype train. Can’t wait to see what he does this week with some warmer weather.

Mets fly into Miami for a 3 games series against the Marlins who recently lost 20-1 to the Phillies. Not a typo. The Mets have to go into the series hoping to come away with at least 2 wins hopefully more, especially with the top of our rotation pitching. We also get the return of Zach Wheeler, which will complete the fantasy 5 pitchers that Mets fans have hoped for since 2015.

After the Marlins series the Mets are back in town to face the Nats again. Nats are looking lucky for missing Noah twice in a row. You know he wants to get in on those games. Mets can’t worry about consecutive wins, just look to keep winning series and they’ll be in good shape for the year. What was your favorite part of the week? Leave your comments down below and as always #LGM.

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