Knicks Weekly

What up Knick Fans, it’s about that time again, so welcome back to Knicks Weekly for your quick update on the Knicks this past week. This week Knicks went 0-3, losing games to the Sixers, Pistons, and Magic. This puts them tied with Chicago for the 8th pick in the great Tankathon of 2018. I know a lot of Knick fans are happy about that, and you know that I hate tanking, but for those who want to see the Knicks lose congrats, I guess.

The Knicks are harder than ever to watch. Most games are being lost by double digits, and the one person you want to see the most is gone until next winter. I love watching Frank make plays like his Rondoesque lay up against the Magic. But, a this point in the season, it’s more about whats gonna happen in the offseason to make up better when KP gets back.

Stud of the Week

My stud of the week, which is basically like pinning a gold ribbon on a pig, goes to Trey Burke. He may be the only reason to watch anymore as a Knick fan. The guy has seriously balled out. I think the Knicks should bring him back and see how he plays alongside KP next year.

Week’s Statline: 17.0 PPG 8.3 APG 2.7 RPG 1.3 TPG 47FG%

Scrub of the Week

This one hurts to say but I’ve gotta give it to Frank. It almost feels unfair to give it to him since he only played 2 games but he just hasn’t done much with his time on the court. During most of the year I was begging for Jeff to play him more. But it seems like offensively he just still isn’t ready. I have not giving up on him by any means, and any Knick fan who completely dismisses him clearly has no reason to speak on the matter. He’s only 19, and in a foreign country. Most teenagers are going to struggle regardless, now imagine having to also adapt to completely different culture while living in New York City. I think he has a bright future and he’s clearly shown flashes of it. I think when he’s able to bring it all together he will be a great starter for the Knicks. This season has to be a little underwhelming for Knick fans but not a complete failure by any means.

Week’s Statline: 2.5 PPG 2.0 APG 5 RPG 1.0 BPG 3.5 TOPG 14%FG

Knicks take on the Heat tomorrow and the Bucks on Saturday. The heat recently clinched their playoff berth with a win against the Suns and the Heat are looking to hold onto their 6th seed. Seeds 6-8 are only separated by half a game, so these games are going to be fought hard by Knicks opposition. The Knicks end their season with back to back games against the Cavs (who did that?!?) who are also fighting to secure the 3 seed over the Wizards.

It’s going to be more of the same for these remaining games so don’t expect much. I you weren’t born a Knick fan like me I wouldn’t blame you for bailing. But for those of us that bleed Orange and Blue, this is an all too familiar feeling.

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