Don’t Get Too Hyped It’s Only The First Series

But damn it felt good.

Baseball is back and and the Mets got off to a good start, taking their first series of the year against the St. Louis Cardinals. The series started Thursday with Noah on the mound and he got the Met’s off on the right start. He gave up a few runs but overall he looked dominant on his way to 10Ks. He ended his night with the stat line: 6.0 IP 6H 10K 4ER 0BB. As I wrote in my last article Opening Day is Finally Here, Noah looked good but seemed a bit over hyped at times. I was surprised to not see triple digits on the radar gun, but you could tell he was over challenging guys just a bit too much, which led to the 4 earned runs.

Maybe the best part of the first game, was how the Mets scored their runs. They scored 9 runs, without a single Home Run. Yeah, that’s right, the Mets played some small ball and got hits when they needed them they had guys drawing walks and getting on base consistently and their middle line up brought them in with flurries of singles and doubles. Nimmo looked great leading off, as he got on base 4 of the 5 times he was up. He got 2 hits and drew a walk and hit by pitch. Really making it interesting in how Mickey will manage the team when Conforto comes back. Cespedes has looked sharp since he came back from that wrist injury. It’s no wonder why he seemed a bit annoyed when the media was so worried about it during the Spring.

Saturday’s game was more of the same from Opening Day. Degrom was not even close to his best, yet he battled enough to only give up one run in 5.2 innings. He finished the game with a statline of: 5.2IP 4H 1R 1BB 7K. On a day where he clearly struggled with his location, the dude is good enough to still give you a great start.

The Mets offense looked like it picked up right where it left off from game 1. They got 6 runs with only 2 solo homers by Cespedes and D’arnaud. But they were able to get timely hits from players and the game was really won due to their small ball mentality and heads up aggressive baserunning.

The Mets won the series after winning the first two games and looked for the sweep on Sunday. Unfortunately they seemed to keep their negative trend from last year, by losing the last game of the series. Matz was having trouble with his location from the start. Unlike Degrom who was missing low with his pitches, which you always prefer, he was missing high and hitters took advantage of it. He also continued his struggle of keeping his pitch count down, something that he and Wheeler have seemed to have problem of their whole careers. He was pulled after 4 innings with his statline ending at: 4IP 4H 3R 3BB 4Ks. He also gave up 2 homeruns.

He wasn’t the only one to struggle this game. The offense did not have the same fire as they did during the first two games. The lone bright spot of the game was Juan Lagares who had 3 singles to add to the 2 he already hit on Saturday. He filled in for Nimmo who was a late scratch due to illness and certainly did a great job. The bullpen which looked great game one and two, struggled during game 3 as they gave up an additional 2 runs.

Stud of the Week  Series

For the rest of the season I’ll be updating the Mets on a weekly basis, but this was Opening Serier. And honestly I didn’t want to wait. So the Stud of the Series was Cespedes who put up great numbers during these three games:

BA: .364
OBP: 500
OPS: 1.136
HR: 1
RBI: 4

Scrub of the Week Series

Were talking about baseball and it’s WAAAAY too early to talk about guys struggling. So I’m gonna let the guys go this time and not nominate anyone.

Mets got snowed out on Monday and hopefully today we don’t get too much rain so we can start our series against the Phillies. Monday’s game has been rescheduled to July 9th (I’ll Be There!!) as part of a single admission double header, starting at 4:30.

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    1. It’d be tough for them to beat out the Nationals who are really stacked. My Expectations would be around 85-88 wins which should put them in position for the Wild Card. If we’re in the Wild Card game, which is only a one game playoff, I like our chances because of our pitching options.


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