Does Odell Deserve To Be On The Move?

This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions as a Giants fan. We had to say bye to a longtime Giant Jason Pierre Paul. When healthy was a dominant DE in the league but injuries held him back. My favorite memory of his will always be his blocked Field Goal against the Cowboys during the divisional round of the playoffs. Good Luck to him and hopefully he can stay healthy.

Recently there has also been a lot of speculation about the Giants shopping Odell due to his off the field issues. Most recently it would be a video where Odell appeared to be smoking a blunt and had a girl next to him cutting up lines of coke. Since the video surfaced many questions have been directed towards management and ownership. In an interview Dave Gettleman, Giants new GM, said “neither Odell nor his agent have contacted us regarding either report. So to be clear – I’m not going to respond to questions about either report, and as I stated earlier, every decision I make is going to be made in the best interest of the New York Football Giants. So, with that being said, let’s talk football.” It’s clear that the reports of Odell wanting to sit out or the Giants trading him, have gotten to upper management. John Mara also expressed his frustration with the whole situation, after the owner’s meetings in Orlando, when he said, “I’m tired of answering questions about Odell’s behavior and what the latest incident is. I think he knows what we expect of him, and now it’s up to him.”

So the question becomes, does Odell deserve to be on the move? The Giants know what they have in their hands. A generational talent who shows passion for the game but has a tendency to put himself in poor situations. The Giant’s are not dumb, they aren’t going to just give away a top talent for little value. They have stated they are not shopping Odell but will listen to offers. Its reported they are expecting at least 2 first round picks for Odell.

I love Odell and I think the Giants are certainly better off with him than without him, but if an offer that includes 2 first and maybe another piece comes by, the Giants front office has to really think about pulling the trigger. I only say that because I don’t know if they are going to resign him due to his high asking price. Odell has gone on saying he wants to be the highest paid wide receiver of all time. That would put him around the 18-22 mill a year range, and I don’t think any wide receiver, ever, is worth that much.

To all the fans asking for Odell to be gone because of his character, you guys have to be some of the biggest hypocrites of all time. Former Giant, Hall of Fame Linebacker, and perhaps the greatest player of all time, Lawrence Taylor, was no saint. But you guys gave him all the breaks in the world. Odell is not a Terrell Owens. He isn’t doing push ups in the driveway, he isn’t fighting with teammates, and he sure as hell isn’t throwing his Quarterbacks under the bus, twice. No instead he’s a young superstar who loves having fun on and off the field. I don’t care what he does on his days off, as long as he’s in the gym or on the field when asked to be. His teammates have never shown any sign of disliking him, and instead have always come to his defense.

I have only ever had one issue with Odell and that was him taking the penalty after scoring a touchdown and putting his defense in a bad position. That type of play I cannot support but I feel like Odell will get over that and not cost him team. He’s a charismatic player, with a huge heart, who hates to lose, and loses to play hard against guys. I want more guys like that on my team, and I think at the right price the Giants should keep Odell for a very long time. What do you guys think? Should Odell be on the move so the Giants can pick up pieces, or should he stay in a Giants uniform for years to come?

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