Opening Day is Finally Here

It’s about damn time. My first article on this site was talking about the Mets and BEGGING for some help from ownership. Now it’s finally Opening Day and even though I don’t think were quite there offensively yet, my overall outlook of the team is much more positive.

The season starts tomorrow at 1pm against the St. Louis Cardinals at Shea. Wow I just realized what I wrote and I don’t want to get rid of it but I will correct myself. Game is at Citi Field, Not Shea Stadium.

Syndergaard is the starter for the game and becomes the first Met since Johan Santana to start back to back Opening Days. Don’t expect too much from him either. Not to knock Noah, he’s a beast, a clear ace, and one of the best pitchers in baseball, but expect him to overthrow a bit this game. The way his season ended last year certainly left a bad taste in his mouth, so expect him to be a bit over pumped and may give up a couple shots this game. Also do not expect him to go 7-8 innings, even if his pitch count is only around 70-75. Mickey is gonna be careful with this guy. It’s THE FIRST GAME of the year, so don’t expect too much.

When’s the last time the Mets has GOOD luck with their star player’s injury. Any player in fact. It doesn’t happen. When Conforto went down with a dislocated shoulder late in the year, I almost fell to my knees and toppled over into the fetal position. It just felt like such a Mets thing to happen. Season lost, star player on the rise, well lets just F Up next year too. When the injury happened most people expected him to come back around the All Star Break. Nowhere near the Opening Day. But maybe times have changed and things will fall the Mets way this time. Conforto has looked AMAZIN’ during his limited playing time at Spring Training. He’s well ahead of schedule in term of when he was expect back from injury. Some people speculated he would be on the Opening Day roster but I’m actually glad he’s starting the year on the DL. I don’t want to rush him back or put too much pressure on him too early. I think him coming back early to mid April, in 2-3 weeks would be best and would give him time to get his body more baseball ready.

It seems like the weather knows that baseball is around the corner too because this week looks like it should be nice. It might be a little chilly at 51 degrees but no rain which is what you hope for this time of year.

My prediction for the Mets this year is 84-88 wins. Anything above that would be over achieving (let be realistic guys) and anything below that would be under achieving. How many wins you guys think the Mets get this year?

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