Knicks Weekly

Whats up guys, welcome back to Knicks weekly where I’ll sum up some of this past week’s games and best players.

This past week the Knicks went 1-3 (congrats to tank cheerleaders) with losses to Miami, Wolves, and Charlotte in overtime. Their lone win came against the Wizards on the road.

The Knicks remain in 9th place for the lottery. They’re two games behind the Bulls and two and a half behind the Kings.

The team’s composition has certainly changed a bit as well. They have officially engaged in full tank/development mode. This week they brought Trey Burke into the starting lineup and sat Courtney Lee. Lee’s been a complete professional about the whole situation and even stated during the week, he knew it was coming. During this time some players have really emerged, while others have surely disappointed.

Stud of The Week

This guy has been great since we brought him on the team. He balled out in the G-League and now in the NBA has had a resurgence. Trey Burke, a.k.a. baby Iverson, a.k.a. The Solution, a.k.a. Triverson, balled out this week. His best game was against Charlotte on where he scored a new career high of 42 points to go along with 12 assists. The dude had an amazing second half where he looked unstoppable as he and Kemba seemed to have a straight old school, back and forth, playground, dual. His averages for the week looked good too: 23 PPG 6.5 APG 3 RPG 1.5 STL 57% FG in just over 31 minutes a game.

Trey took complete advantage of his new role as a starter. He’s showing that the Knicks may have to spend some money to keep this guy this offseason. He’s forced his way into the rotation and looks like he’s got his minutes in a choke hold. Other point guards on the team are gonna have to step their game up if they want to ever get a chance to take that starting spot. Looking at you Frank.

The one place he needs to improve is his free throw shooting. He shot 67% during the week from the line. It’s been an area of weakness for him the whole season as he’s only shot 60% the whole year.

Honorable Mention: Enes Kanter.

As Kanter has finally started to get over 30 minutes a game, he’s shown that he’s been the Knicks most consistent player and certainly someone they have to think hard about whether to bring back. During the week he averaged: 14.8 PPG 13 RPG 2 APG, while shooting 54% in under 31 minutes a game.

Scrub of the Week

Before Trey got his time to time, the guy who was originally given the opportunity was Emmanuel Mudiay. He did not do well with it and it seems like Emmanuel’s time as a Knick is over before it ever started. This week he was benched after playing just 5 minutes against Minnesota. His role has surely been reduced as it seems the Knicks are going to move forward with Burke and Ntilikina.

His numbers during the week were 6.3 PPG 4 APG 3.3 RPG while shooting 38% from the field and 25% from 3, in over 17 minutes a game.

He doesn’t look like he’s in shape and although he’s a bigger guard, he’s getting outplayed by smaller guards on defense. I wouldn’t mind if the Knicks move on from him at the end of the year and have Frank and Trey as the future backcourt of the Knicks.


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