Tanking vs Winning? More Like Neither

Every year right around the All Star break a few teams around the NBA decide that they it’s more important to get a high draft pick than to be competitive for their fans. This year has been particularly bad as there are nine teams in the NBA who have less than 30 wins in late March. in most years there may be four or five teams who are can be seen as “tankers”. While many feel this is the smart way to go because it may give you a high draft pick players will tell you how much they hate it.

Just last week Knicks center Enes Kanter gave his opinion about the Knicks tanking “Let me tell you something, man, they can develop guys in the G League. This is not the time to develop young guys, or whatever, because we’re trying to win games here. This team is paying us a lot of money, everybody, and all the fans are paying a lot money to watch the games and they’re paying a lot of money for tickets, so they’re not just coming here watching, ‘Oh, this guy’s getting better. This guy’s developing.’ No, we’re trying to win games here, man”.

“I think that’s how our mindset should be,” he added. “And if they want to develop somebody, they can send him to the G League and we can see some development. But I think right now, we’re trying to win games. We’re not trying to develop nobody.”

I don’t care what people say, this is what you want from players. The Knicks have been at joke for way too long. I can’t go through more tanking. I want players that refuse to lose. The last two times the Knicks picked in the first round their pick moved down a slot in the lottery. In 2015 the Knicks were projected to get the third overall pick and instead moved down to the fourth. The same happened this past draft when the Knicks picked eighth instead of seventh. None of this is a perfect science. We don’t know where the Knicks will pick, and when that times comes all that important is to take the best player available.

Even with the Knicks moving down a slot in those two years they got players that look to have bright futures. The Knicks got Kristaps Porzingis at 4 instead of Jahlil Okafor. Really dodged a bullet that time. More like a train actually especially because Porzingis looks like he’s going to be a future superstar in the NBA.

Last year the Knicks drafted Frank Ntilikina who also looks like he has a promising future as a combo guard for the Knicks.

One thing I found interesting  from what Kanter said was that he isn’t here to be develop guys. I actually disagree with him here. Teams should be able to get a good mix of young players and vets in order to win games. The Knicks shouldn’t have to sit some of their vets in order to develop their young players. I actually think it’s important that the young guys learn to play with more seasoned guys and it would help their development.

My point is, I want the Knicks to win games and as many as possible. Its better for moral and its more important that players learn to win than get used to losing. You never know who you’re getting in the draft, so whatever slot you get, you trust your scouts and hope it works out. Sometimes you get lucky and draft a star later in the draft.

So should the Knicks keep tanking and have a better chance at a higher pick, or go out there and win for the culture, the city, and most importantly, the fans. Let me know what you think?

2 thoughts on “Tanking vs Winning? More Like Neither

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    1. As of right now they are only a game behind. So if we lose tonight, and bulls win, the teams will be tied for 8th. Like I said in the article I would rather watch our players play hard and fight for wins, than accept the losses. there isn’t much difference in number of ping pong balls between 8 and 9 so i really don’t care.


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