How Gettleman’s Plans For Odell Impact The Draft

This past weekend the Jets made a possible franchise altering trade with the Indianapolis Colts swapping their 6th overall pick and three second-round picks: Nos. 37 and 49 in this year’s draft and another in 2019 for the third overall pick. The Jets have gone all in on getting their QB of the future.

This leaves the Giants in an interesting position sitting at number 2. Most experts predict they are either taking a QB or RB Saquon Barkley out of Penn St. But what external factors are influencing the Giants decisions. Factors like the longevity of their future Hall of Fame QB, Eli Manning. But perhaps one that has been overlooked is what the franchise decides to do with their star WR Odell Beckham.

Since Odell splashed in the league back in 2014, he has been one of the most dominate WRs in the NFL. He has also been one of the most exuberant WRs on and off the field. Some of his TD celebrations, sideline antics, and expressive attitude have certainly rubbed some purists the wrong way. But aside from that he has also had social media issues such as such as the infamous trip to Miami during the week before a playoff game and most recently a video where it appears he is holding a blunt and girl next to him is cutting up lines of coke.

None of this helps him trying to convince the Giants (and the league) that he should be the highest paid receiver in the NFL history.

So how does Odell affect the pick? Well if the Giants decide to resign Odell next offseason, they may be more willing to take a QB to pair with the star WR. this may even help convince Odell to stay because the new QB would be part of a young core of new offensive weapons for the Giants, including last year’s first round pick Evan Engram, and 2016’s second round pick Sterling Shepard.

If the Giants feel that Beckham is perhaps too  much of a headache due to his antics, they may be more willing to draft a possible star replacement with Saquon Barkley. They may feel like if they take Saquan they can afford to lose Odell because there will still be plenty of weapons at skill positions and may wait till the following year to take a QB.

The other option would be for the Giants to trade the pick if they don’t love any QBs or if they feel Barkley is too high as a RB at 2. If this were to happen it’s likely it’s not until draft day on April 26th. It’s going to be interesting to see what the Giants do from then to now, if anything. What you guys think, what should they do with their pick this year?

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