Are Players With Baggage Worth It?

Short Answer. Absolutely

So Odell was recently seen in a video with a girl on a bed, pizza, and what appeared to be a brown cigarette and a white powdery substance. Now let’s be real… it looked like it was weed and blow. Even if the girl in the video claims it was pizza crust (notice how she didn’t mention anything about the cut up lines). But the main question is are players with this type of baggage worth having on your team and especially worth being the highest paid WR.

Beckham is a once in a generation type of player. There are few players in the NFL who are more dangerous with the ball in their hands. When healthy he’s a top 3 WR in this league. He has set multiple records during his young career for WRs. He is often the best player on the field no matter who is on the defense. As a Giants fan I’ve gotten into tons of arguments with people claiming that he has single handedly kept Eli’s career alive. I love Eli and think he absolutely is a Hall of Famer, but Odell has bailed out Eli more times than not. How many times has odell taken a simple 7 yard slant route for 40, 50, or even 60 yards. How many deep balls has odell snagged out the air to avoid an Eli interception. I have been saying for a long time that Odell’s injury was almost bound to happen. In the past few years eli has had a tendency of throwing high or behind on his slants and its hurt the Giants for a long time. I think Eli is the greatest QB in Giants history but his days are behind him and if it weren’t for Odell most people would have noticed it at least a couple years ago.

I’m not trying to say Odell is perfect either. He has a tendency of dropping some easy ones, (I think of that one against the Redskins vs Norman in the endzone, and of course against the Packers in the playoffs two years ago) and has shown that he can sometimes let others get in his head. What bothers some people even more, is his tendency to be a “me” guy. He loves the attention. Fits into that prototypical diva receiver like other greats before him. Only difference is Beckham is better than any of them. And guess what, those guys were worth the headache too. What bothers me is, why do so many people care about the fiery loudmouth receiver. If you never played a sport and has some fun out there by talking trash or celebrating then im guessing youre playing it wrong. I thought it was hilarious when the whole kicking net incident happened. The guy is having fun. He knows he the best and he’s fun about it, ON THE SIDELINE. This is a completely different conversation when we start talking about him costing the Giants a 15 yard penalty. Then you’re being selfish and hurting your team. I can’t defend any of that and i never let a guy get a pass when its done. I felt like his Miami trip during the playoffs wasn’t a big deal either. The problem with it was posting it on social media. His biggest problem, like many people in today’s social media age, is pressing post when there is really no need to. Especially on your contract year.

I thought Odell had a great point about being targeted by the NFL for some of the same things that other players are allowed to do. Odell famously put a video on instagram of him and Tom Brady (someone who is always regarded as passionate and never a distraction) having some of the same antics on the field or on the sideline. They’re both yelling and screaming, getting in people’s faces and making sure that people are there to listen. Yes Brady has absolutely earned his right to do this more than maybe anyone in the NFL, but I don’t see some of these antics as a “me” thing from Odell. He’s a passionate guy, and he desperately wants to win. We’ve seen it from greats plenty of times before. I’d rather see this from a player than have them not care about their team losing week after week. I honestly think the NFL needs more players like Beckham. Young, loud, Passionate, Fiery guys who love what they do and refuse to lose. Look at what the Rams are doing over in LA. Sean McVay has basically said, give me all your headaches and ill ship over 5th and 6th round picks for your top tier players. I love it. He doesn’t care about the BS he just wants to go out there and win.

Also Gettleman telling Odell that he needs to know what it is to be a New York Football Giant is a joke. The Giants are a sports team like any other organization trying to go out there to win. Is Lawrence Taylor not a Giant because he certainly didn’t always do things “The Giants Way”. Give me a break. Let the man dance and yell. He has talent that not many have ever then seen, pay him and get over yourself.

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