Can We Get Some Help Here?

So here I am sitting in a cafeteria on January 31st, as light flurries hit the ground outside and all I can think about is, who the hell is my opening day starter? See I’m the type of Met fan that lays in bed worrying about the whether Conforto will be ready to play by May, or if Thor will having any lingering effects from his lat injury. None of these questions will  be answered for me until Spring Training finally arrives (and even then we all know that you never really know what you have in a team till like June). But here is my biggest question for Ownership…

Where The Hell Is The Help?

(SIGHHHH) This is something that every Met fan has been asking since 2015. Even when we look back at 2014, we all know that we weren’t fighting for anything, but we did have some surprising young players to really emerge that year. Lagaras, won a Gold Glove in Center Field, DeGrom wins NL Rookie of the Year, and Wheeler looked like he was gonna be an even better pitcher than Harvey.

Then in 2015 we had one of the funnest experiences that the Mets fan base has had in a long time. The Surprise of the 2015 Mets. To management’s credit they did go out and get YO, but we knew that was still not enough. We made it to the World Series and we all know how that ended (I was tearing during a Halloween Party that I was Hosting at my apartment).

Now since that trade, the only other significant move that we’ve made was bringing bruce to NY (both the trade and signing him this winter). I get that we have gone through some tough injuries with the team, but this fanbase has seen this too often. We get excited about a team that’s centered around a group of young players and then we experience some success and ultimately we don’t do enough to stay successful. We saw this happen with the 2006 team. We got to the NLCS and didn’t do enough to help our core players.

So now we ask the Wilpons, What The Hell? Can we get some infield help. Especially up the middle. I love Flores but he isn’t a starting second basemen. Don’t even get me started on D’ arnaud. I know a lot of people didn’t like the Adrian Gonzalez move, but honestly I wasn’t too upset about it. Yes, obviously we’d like for Dominic Smith to the Opening Day starter and give him the opportunity to lose it. But he seemed SO lost at the plate last year that I’m not completely against having him start the year in the Minors and bring him up a bit later in the year. We’re hoping that Rosario can improve on his rookie season which wasn’t Smith bad, but wasn’t top prospect in baseball either. Especially defensively where we heard he was such a stud at and then we he came up, we saw some real bonehead mistakes. Also, how is Cabrera still a starter on our team? We saw his decline last year, and he’s a year older. I feel like we’re gonna get a Reyes effect from last year. An aging infielder who is much more of a utility bench player than an everyday starter. There’s guys like Todd Frazier available out there who would obviously be an upgrade from from Cabrera and would really help the Mets Lineup. I’m not saying that we have to have a $200 million dollar payroll, but we are a New York team looking to stay competitive and not go through another rebuild already.

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